When in New York, we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was so windy and crazy weather, so we actually didn’t stay there for that long. But we stayed lone enough to see the sunset. It is such a beautiful place with views of the Manhattan skyline! If you’re ever in NYC, I really recommend that you go there – it’s must-see.

Ever since I got back home, my schedule has been so so busy. But now it’s finally weekend and I have time to relax in this weekend. I really appreciate my me-time, as  I call it. I’m going to go through all the pictures we took on our trip to New York and probably start editing them, so I can post some more. I can’t wait togo through them! There are so many nice ones. I’ll talk to you soon, xx

Sara Kirstine,


I finally got to upload some pictures here from NYC! I’m still here in New York, but it’s our last day. We have been all around Manhattan so when we’ve gotten back to the hotel, I’ve been so tired and jetlagged that I didn’t feel like editing pictures and blogging.
I’ve had such a great time here!! It is such a nice city! So much to see and do, so much food to try. I have been recording some during our week here, so hopefully I’ll have a video ready for you soon. It’s easier to show the city and atmosphere through videos than through pictures. Now I will just enjoy the last day here with Anders before we have to go back home. <3

Sara Kirstine,

Leather pants and a classic white shirt is always a good combo! The combination of the two, else so different styles, creates an edge to the overall look. Leather pants add a little something extra to your look without trying too much. Imagine I was wearing a pair of simple black jeans instead – definitely not the same vibe of the look, right? This is a really casual way to dress a white classic shirt, and I love the combination.

Tomorrow I am leaving for New York – I am so excited! It’s going to be an insane trip, can’t wait to see everything. And I can’t wait to see Anders again. We’re meeting at the airport and then we’ll take the flight together from there. So my next post, might be from NEW YORK! I’ll take a many photos as possible, so stayed tuned (; Xx,

Sara Kirstine,

It’s been very cloudy here in Denmark for the past three weeks, so I try to dress in bright colours to lighting up the days and get a spring feeling. I really like these bright colours together, blushed pink, light grey and white. It is some soft and delicate colours that make the overall outfit look more feminine and expensive. Perfect for these cloudy days!

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day this week. I didn’t have much expectations for mine, since Anders is in Spain and I’m in Denmark. However, it turned out to be on of the craziest ones so far. I was skyping with Anders and he asked me to check my email – and there was two flight tickets and hotel confirmation for a week in NEW YORK! It is the craziest gift I’ve ever received! To go to New York has been a dream of mine for so long and Anders knew – I couldn’t be more excited to go there with him. We’ll be leaving next Monday so now I’m just counting the days… Only 9 days to go!

Sara Kirstine,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to find that perfect outfit for the day. I spend most of my time in Barcelona, Spain, or Aarhus, Denmark where Valentine’s day is still not that big of a holiday but my boyfriend and I still try to celebrate. I always try to adapt my outfits to the situation, so my Valentine Outfit is more low-key but still feminine and chic.
I choose to style this beautiful silk top from Zara – It is very feminine and in my world perfect for Valentine’s Day. The open back and side-cuts makes it look very sexy but by pairing it with casual black jeans, the outfit becomes elegant and more low-key. Elegance and chicness is all about finding the right balance of sexiness. When wearing an open back, I always cover up my legs so too much skin isn’t exposed. If you ask me, a little nude skin is always sexier and more attractive than showing it all off.
I styled the outfit with gold jewellery which fits my skin tone the best. The long earrings attract focus to your neckline and face, and they create an illusion of a longer neck. I kept my outfit in feminine tones that fits with the holiday; burgundy and blushed pink. My coat and velvet shoes are both burgundy which plays so nicely with the blush silk top. Keeping the outfit in those feminine tones makes the overall look appear romantic – which Valentine’s Day is really all about, right?

I hope you’ll find inspiration in my outfit for your Valentine’s Day and that you have a great day with your loved ones. Xx,

Sara Kirstine,
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