Skirt: Zara (old) // T-shirt: Comme des Garcons, Play // Shoulder bag: Dior vintage // Glasses: Celiné //

I just got back home from another trip to Barcelona. I got to spend 3,5 weeks in my all-time favourite city this time, and it was truly amazing!I love this city for so many reasons; the people, the weather, the culture,the atmosphere. The trip was pure relaxation, just chillin’ and having a good time with the people around me. 
When I got back down to Barcelona, I went through the stuff I have there again and I found this pencil skirt. I got it 2 years ago in Zara, but I’ve never really used it – I didn’t feel comfortable in it since it is so tight around the bum. I’m not sure what changed, but this year I am loving it!! Maybe it’s because of the Kardashian and curve era, hah. I love when you get to use old stuff from your closet again that you’ve forgotten about, instead of just keep buying new. I paired it with a white tee and sneakers to get a more sporty vibe to the outfit. I love the contrast between the feminine skirt and the sporty vibe, it creates a more interesting look, don’t you think?
We finally started to focus more on taking quality photos again for my Instagram and blog, and I feel more inspired to create posts for the blog again. I am heading towards an interesting time, some travels and big personal events. I’ll be moving back to Barcelona again since I will be attending one semester at a University down there. It has been 2 years since I moved away from Barcelona, so it is going to be nice to be back in the city for such a long period of time, instead of my shorter stays there.
So I will do my very best to keep the blog updated about the things to come. I hope you are all enjoying the summer! Xx,

Sara Kirstine,