It’s been very cloudy here in Denmark for the past three weeks, so I try to dress in bright colours to lighting up the days and get a spring feeling. I really like these bright colours together, blushed pink, light grey and white. It is some soft and delicate colours that make the overall outfit look more feminine and expensive. Perfect for these cloudy days!

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day this week. I didn’t have much expectations for mine, since Anders is in Spain and I’m in Denmark. However, it turned out to be on of the craziest ones so far. I was skyping with Anders and he asked me to check my email – and there was two flight tickets and hotel confirmation for a week in NEW YORK! It is the craziest gift I’ve ever received! To go to New York has been a dream of mine for so long and Anders knew – I couldn’t be more excited to go there with him. We’ll be leaving next Monday so now I’m just counting the days… Only 9 days to go!

Sara Kirstine,