A cold wind has hit us here in Barcelona so you have to dress warmly now. I got this great leather coat from Zara the other day. It has the real biker-vibe to it and is super cool! It is so easy to layer when I come back to Denmark and it’s even colder, with a warm swather underneath. These days I can just survive with a blouse. It is a bit more biker-ish than what I normally wear – but it is just so nice for these days when you just want to dress cosy and warm. By the way – How do you like the black and white pictures??

I’ve gotten the first results back from my exams and it’s been good! I’m so happy and excited about the results!! I think we’ll celebrate somehow tonight, just need to figure out how. Now there is only for exam-result left so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Anyhow, now it’s time for me to get out and enjoy the city. Have a great day, love.

Sara Kirstine,