I loooove breakfast and nothing keeps me going for the day like a good, solid breakfast! After I bought my Acai powder I’ve been making these Acai Smoothie Bowls in the morning – and no, not always looking as glories at this one, haha. Some of my friends have been asking how I make since they’ve seen it on Snapchat or so, so I though I might just as well share the recipe with you guys too. It is super easy to make, super healthy and tastes like it’s neither easy or healthy, haha. It’s super fresh and sweet from all of the fruits.

Acai Smoothie Bowl with chia seeds:

  • I make it with a chia pudding as a base which I have prepared the day before, by mixing milk with the seeds (I use rice milk). I like to add chia seeds since they are so rich on nutrients and fibers and therefore keeps me full for hours. 
  • I mix the acai powder in either the pudding or the smoothie – today I’ve mixed in it the chia pudding so you can sense the colour of it, but it doesn’t really make a difference. Acai improves skin and cellular health, among it’s many benefits.
  • The smoothies consists of mixed forest berries, banana, greek yoghurt and fresh orange juice, which I mix with the chia pudding
  • Add whatever toppings you have and like the most, it can be fruits, seeds, nuts etc. Only your imagination is the limit! Coconut flakes goes really well with it too. 


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Wish you a great morning! With love, Sara Kirstine