I’ve been living in Barcelona for two years and visited the city countless times. As you can imagine I’ve seen a lot here. I’m sharing some of my Must-Sees & -Dos here if you’re visiting the beautiful city. 

Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi 

You can’t visit Barcelona without seeing some of Gaudi’s work! It’s some of the biggest attractions in here Barcelona, and it is really interesting work he did. All his work is like a fairy tale to me.
The most famous is of course Sagrada Familia, which is amazing both outside and inside. If you’re short on money and/or time, you can easily enjoy it from the outside. If you have time and money, then it is amazing to see it inside and more modern in there – but pay a ticket beforehand online so you can skip the line which can take hours! 

If you are walking on Passeig de Gracia (after shopping maybe?), you should pass by two of Gaudi’s houses that are placed there. They are very impressive and beautiful! You also have the option to go inside of the buildings, of which I’ve heard a lot of good experience, however I have never been inside so I cannot say much. 

Another Must-See is Park Güell – a big park on a small mountain/hill with views over the city. The park always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with all the small paths and decorations in it. You can choose to pay to go on the beautifully decorated plaza, the famous lizard and the columns, but it can also be seen for free from a distance of course. 






The Bunkers by Night 

The Bunkers are a really nice place to go at nice. It’s located on the hill right next to Park Güell, with amazing view over the city. I think it’s one of the best viewpoints in the city, several music videos has actually been shot up there.
It’s nice to go there by night to experience all the city lights in a calm setting with fresh air. Sometimes, we bring dinner with us up there like an evening picnic.
I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but next time I go there I’ll try to remember my camera. 


Wander El Born and the Gothic Area 

El Born is without a doubt on of my favourite areas. El Born and Gótico is both an old part of Barcelona, and the areas are so charming with their narrow streets with neighbors talking to each other from each their balcony. I definitely recommend that you wander the streets of one or both of these areas and explore its many options. There are so many charming restaurants and local stores to visit here. 





If you want a experience beyond the usual when in Barcelona, I recommend you to go see a Flamingo show! One of the great places in town is Palau Dalmases which is located in El Born. It doesnt’t seem like much from the outside, but inside it’s the most beautiful and charming building. There are not to many seats so the show is very intimate which is great. I’ve been there twice with family who came to visit, and we all agree that it’s an amazing and impressive experience! It’s a great way to spend a night in Barcelona, whereas El Born has so many places to go out for dinner or drinks afterwards. 

La Boqueria 

La Boqueria is a big food market located next to Las Ramblas – Go there with an empty stomach since there is so much delicious food you will want to try! Each stall put a lot of effort into displaying their products whether it’s fruits, vegetables, fish, spices or sweets, and it all comes to look amazing and colourful! 

Read and see more pictures here: La Boqueria 



Beach, beach, beach

I don’t think there is any doubt that I loooooove the beach. And if you are in Barcelona during the summer, I highly recommend you to take a dip in the Mediterranean! It’s so refreshing since it can get quite warm in the city during summer. There are many nice beach outside of Barcelona to visit, but if you’re only in Barcelona for a short periode of time, the beaches in Barcelona should be more than enough. I always stay at Nove Icária or Bogatell beach – the closer you come to Barcelonetta the more crowded and the more beach sellers there will be. 


Mont Juïc

Mont Juïc has so many great places so I barely know what to choose to highlight from there! I love all the parks that there is on the mountain and the views. It’s nice to go there to relax and get some fresh air away from the city – the parks are like small oasis. The Botanical Garden is beautiful, and Jardin del Mirador might be my favorite up there.
Further, you can also go see the Olympic Stadion – however, since it’s from ’92 it’s very different if people find it interesting or not. Anders and I go there to work out but also just to chiiill. 




Parc de la Ciutadella

Talking about Parcs, Ciutedella is such a nice park in the middle of the city, next to El Born. It’s a beautiful park with a magical fountain, a small lake, and open grass areas for picnic or whatever you prefer. There’s always a lot going on in this parc – I like walking in it during weekends since you see so many acrobats practicing their work together.
Right above the parc, you’ll find Arc de Triomf which is one of Barcelona’s attractions. The two are connected by a long, wide walking-avenue with palm trees on each side, and it all just look so good together! 



Tibidabo is a mountain next to Barcelona – I believe it’s here you’ll find the best view over the city as you have a full panorama! Tibidabo is a great place to go for a hike, run or walk, which is what I mostly do there. But on top of the mountain you’ll find a church and an amusement parc, in which both has free entrance. The amusement parc is one of the oldest in Europe and they have amusements that almost 100 years old. 

Read and see more pictures of Tibidabo here: Walk with a View, Tibidabo





One of my favourite things to do is to watch sunrise and sunsets! Luckily, Barcelona is coast makes it possible to watch the sunrise all year around. To me, there’s no better way to start the day than with a sunrise – it’s so magical! If you’re staying close to beach, I encourage you to get out of bed early and go to the beach – Or if you’re close to a mountain, go on top of that to see the sunrise. I don’t think you’ll regret it!
Afterwards, you can always spoil yourselves with a lovely brunch: Guide: Brunchin’ in Barcelona

Read and see more pictures of my sunrise experience here: Dreamy Sunrise

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I hope this will help you during your stay, Enjoy Barcelona!