If you are following me on Instagram sarakirstine you’ve probably noticed my great passion for food, especially breakfast! In Denmark, we say that Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day, and I live by this belief! I’ll go even further and say that breakfast is my all-time favorite dish. 

When I lived in Barcelona, I visited so many different restaurants (and still do) to find the perfect brunch experience which to me is a place with great food, great service and a great atmosphere. So I thought I’d be sharing by favorite places with you guys here on the blog, I hope you’ll like it. 


Brunch & Cake 

My absolute favorite place in Barcelona is Brunch&Cake. They have six restaurants on different locations in the city, and they are all so charming. My to-go-places are Brunch & Cake (close to Universitat/ Plaça de Catalunya) and Brunch & Cake by the Sea (by Barcelonetta) as they both have great tables outside. 

The menu here is spectacular! They are offering so many delicious and healthy dishes, with lots of superfoods and vegetarian options on the menu. But of course, there are also lots of sweets for dessert, like pancakes, french toast, banana bread, fruits – but everything is made with a twist.
Everything here is served in the most creative and playful which I love! The food is both a treat for the stomach and the eyes, haha! 




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Marmalade is probably Anders’ favorite, even though he says he can’t pick one. The brunch menu here is more traditional with different plates with eggs (the vegetarian omelet and huevos rancheros are my favorites). But the pancakes are the thing you go there for – They are sooo good and fluffy!

Marmalade is placed in Raval (5 minutes from Las Ramblas) and has a terrace, so you can sit outside. It also have a ‘sister restaurant’ called Milk in the Gotic area. The food is really great and the service in both restaurants is amazing, which is really important to me. 





My first time at Trópico and I really loved it! The food was amazing and inspiring, the staff was great and the place is charming. Their menu is inspired by food all around the world, so we had a taste of Southamerica, Arabia, and America. We tried Venezuelan arepas, Acai bowl, Arabian crepes with scrambled eggs, and for desert American pancakes with creme-cheese frosting. It was all very tasteful!! 






Can Dendê 

Can Dendê is an amazing little spot for great brunch! We found this place as it’s almost right next door to Anders’ apartment in Poblenou, Barcelona. It’s a charming café where you can tell the hosts love what they are doing. The atmosphere is always joyful here!  There’s both tables inside and outside, but the restaurant started to get more and more popular, so come in  week-days or in good time on weekends if you want a specific seat! 

They have a great variation of eggs, and their pancakes are to die for. Can Dendê also offers these amazing grilled tomatoes, with goat cheese and salsa, which is truly one of my favorites that you don’t see elsewhere. 





Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale is a really good restaurant for vegetarians, vegans and people who wants to eat healthy. There’s a big variety of healthy dishes and lots of superfoods on the menu. It’s one of my favorites for lunch and dinner, but I’ve only been there for brunch once. I find it a bit expensive compared to the size of the plates, but the quality is not to be mistaken! If you’re into healthy eating, this is definitely the place to visit for both brunch, lunch and dinner, or just to grab one of their amazing juices while you’re on the go. 

It’s a great idea to make a reservation beforehand – if it’s good weather then ask to be seated outside in their terrace garden. It’s an experience just in itself. 




I hope this can help you during your stay in Barcelona. If you have any questions, just let me know by commenting below. 

With love, Sara Kirstine