Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some personal experiences I have with my current relationship. My boyfriend and I are in currently in a long distance relationship, as I am studying here in Denmark, and he is living in Barcelona. 

Many ask me but isn’t it hard to be so far away from each other all the time? And yes, of course it is. I’d wish that we could see each other every single day, and enjoy the love and the togetherness between us. But for me, thinking about this makes it a lot harder. I prefer focussing on the positive aspects. In general I try to have a positive point of view in everything I do, from my relationship with my boyfriend, my friends and family to my daily rutines, since the postive mindset makes everything a lot easier. It might sound cliché, but I can feel a difference. 

The good thing about a long distance relationship is that you get to focus a lot more on your self. We get to work more with our own stuff – I focus on my studies and my blog, and my boyfriend focus on his music and personal development.  When we are together all the time, we’re easy to fall into a pattern where we are ‘just’ enjoying each other and forgetting the projects we’d like to do. I think it is very important to remember to do your own things when in a relationship, and a long distance relationship just makes that obtainable since we get a more intense focus. 

Another good thing is we get to miss each other. When you spend so much time apart, the relationship is put into perspective, and it’s really noticeable to me how important he is for me. I think it is healthy to miss each other every now and then as you get to appreciate your loved one even more then! 

When we finally get to see each other, the time we share is very intense and just about the two of us which I love. We do all the things we love to do together – you can see a few things we been doing in JanuaryHowever, one thing I am troubling with is that I want everything to be all perfect when we are together – and what is perfect?? Since we don’t get to spend much time with each other, I want us to have the best time ever when we finally are together. I build this up in my head, so I get all stressed about it (mixed with the stress from my studies) and normally have a flip or two because of this. But my boyfriend is so sweet and patient with me and my craziness. I think these episodes sometimes bring us even closer together, since we really get to open up for our feelings. One thing I’ve learn in this relationship is never to be afraid to say anything. Even though it might be hurtful in the moment, it will only bring you closer. 

Another thing people ask is how often do you then talk? Which is surprisingly not that often. We talked on Skype yesterday which is the first time since I got back from Barcelona – so the first time in 10 days. It sounds like a long time, but we are both busy with our own stuff so the time really just flies! What we do is that we send each other texts every day. We don’t say much in the texts, it is more to show our love for each other. So when I think of him and I have a moment, I send him a text with a lot of hearts and kisses. And he does the same to me – I really appreciate this gesture since it always brings a smile on my face. I  think this must be one of my best tips (without making myself any love-expert, ‘cus I’m not) show your appreciation whether it’s for your lover, your family, friends or even colleagues. Everybody likes to have confirmed that they are appreciated. 

With that said, I hope you’ll get to have an amazing Valentine’s day! Whether it’s with your special one, friends or family. Wish you all lots of love in your lives! 

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