I have selected my favorite moments from my Instagram account for the last month of January. I am sharing pictures of what I’m up to more or less every day. Some might think it is too much, but I do like the social media, especially Instagram. Looking back at it now is almost like looking back into a journal of my every day life. And I love to review all of those memories.
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thumb_IMG_3900_1024As always, January started with the New Year celebration!
I spend my New Years Eve in Barcelona with my boyfriend, his family and some friends of the family -It was the first time I met my father-in-law and some of the friends. The evening was very different from how I normally spend NYE (partying with my friends), but it was such a great night! As a matter of fact, 1st of January was me & my boyfriend’s 1st year anniversary – so it was a very special night for me.



After a very busy and stressful December (and Nov.thumb_IMG_3928_1024 for that matter) with my school and exams, I could finally stay late in bed and just cuddle up with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship, with him living in Barcelona and I in Denmark, so moments like that are priceless to me. 



thumb_IMG_4418_1024My boyfriend took me on a surprise-trip to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dalí museum. The days leading up to he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, neither on the morning we left or even when we sat in the train. He is always planning surprises for me and even though I am begging him for hints, he never shares a pip.
The Dalí Museum is absolutely amazing – not only his art, but the whole building is an art piece in itself. If you are ever in the north of Spain, the Dalí Museum is a must-see



The sunsets in Barcelona have been absolutely stunning these winter days- you can get a sense of it on the picture, but it’s not near the real-life situation. We went to see them a few evenings in January. I never get tired of sunsets and how magical it looks!





thumb_IMG_4886_1024I went back to Denmark in after more than three weeks in Barcelona, since I had to prepare and take my last exam of the 1st semester. When I came back, the entire country was covered with snow! And I was thrilled. It looks so beautiful! As you might have guessed by now, I am a huge fan of nature. It has the effect on me that it can simply make time stand still. 


thumb_IMG_5114_1024I finished my 1st semester at University where I am taking a BA. in Marketing and Management Comm.
It has been a turbulent beginning, but I’m so happy that I chose to start with it. After the exam, I went out with my study group to celebrate with some drinks -a group that was randomly made, but luckily we fit like puzzle pieces! 





I finally got started with my blog post again, with this outfit, after a quiet December from my side. I am so excited to get going with this blog and sharing my outfits with you. I really hope you find my posts interesting. If you have any feedback about the blog or the posts, I’d really appreciate it if you will share it with me -either by writing a comment or sending an email. See the look here




thumb_IMG_5176_1024I went back to Barcelona the day after my last exam to spend some extra time with my boyfriend, since it might be some time before we’ll get to see each other again (possibly not until the end of March …). We went for an amazing hike on a mountain by Barcelona called Tibidabo. We both enjoy long walks, and this place is so calming and beautiful with a view over the entire city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean.




I finally got myself a proper camera that I can use for my outfit pictures! It takes amazing pictures and makes me even more excited about working on the blog.
I believe you will be able to notice a great difference in the pictures on the site when they start coming up, and I hope you will enjoy!
You can see some pictures we took with the camera here



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