BALMAIN-Beaded-Jacket-£299.-largeBalmain x H&M released their collaboration collection in H&M stores at the 5th of November ’15, and of course I was there! I’d fallen in love with their pearl beaded blazer – for me, a signature piece of Balmain but at the same time affordable. And I’m still loving it! Unfortunately for me, the store closest to me did not have this piece for sale, but they had a lot of other great stuff. The collection is filled with strong, beautiful pieces that makes you stand out from the crowd, and again, at affordable prices.

It was my first time at one of H&M’s collaboration releases and I was very impressed with all the work they’d put into this, the whole organization, and of course the collection.
It was a great experience to be surrounded with people who enjoy fashion as much as you. And that some people actually spend the night/-s outside the store, just waiting to come in. And at the same time it was a crazy experience since people had been hyping it so much and they were very determined on getting their favorite things. Normally, I consider Danish people very leaned-back and respectful, but when they opened the doors to the Balmain x H&M collection their behavior changed! People were running, screaming of excitement, and yelling at the sales assistents whenever they brought some clothes back from the fitting room. One girl was literally throwing herself over everybody else to grab what the clothes that the assistent brought back – and took all of it, leaving the rest of the people pushed the sides with sore shoulders and without any of the pieces. It looked like a true battlefield. Many people have been asking me if people went completely nuts there but this was the only crazy incidence I experienced at my time there. Besides this people were nice, but still fighting for themselves to get a look at all the clothes.
thumb_IMG_1887_1024I had my eyes on the red and black color-block dress as I was fascinated by the graphic lines in the dress, how the graphic compliment the body, and the strong approach that it has. Also I was drawn to the 80’s reference with the shoulder pads and the short length. I had not heard about anyone else who were thinking about buying, so I didn’t think it was necessary to go there first and I wanted to get some other things first that I knew was more popular. And when I went for the dress it was gone. I waited as long as I was allowed for the sales assistents to come back with one from the dressing room but it never came. So in the end, I went to the dressing room with my pieces. The craziness came over me in the line, as I saw girls with the dress and even some with two different sizes of the dress – so I started asking them if they could pass it to me in the dressing room if they didn’t wanted to buy it anyway. Most said they were going to buy it no matter what and one girl with two sizes of the dress said she’d already promised to pass it on to somebody else. And I actually felt kind of sad (it seems so crazy that it could affect people so much). However, in the dressing room I kept an eye on every girl – just waiting for them to come out with the dress so I could talk to them before they handed the clothes they didn’t want to the sales assistents. And finally, after maybe 15 minutes or more, the girl from earlier, who already promised it to somebody else came out and I approached her. Since she couldn’t find the other girl she gave the dress to me. And amazingly it was the right size. I was so happy that I finally got the dress I wanted!

It was an extreme experience for me, with the fighting over clothes, the screaming, and the emotions, but really great with the excitement over the collection, bonding with other fashionistas, and the pieces you got to bring with you home. I’m looking forward to see who H&M will make a collaboration with next, and I will definitely consider going there again!
On the following pictures, you can see what I ended up buying from the Balmain x H&M collection: