It’s been very cloudy here in Denmark for the past three weeks, so I try to dress in bright colours to lighting up the days and get a spring feeling. I really like these bright colours together, blushed pink, light grey and white. It is some soft and delicate colours that make the overall outfit look more feminine and expensive. Perfect for these cloudy days!

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day this week. I didn’t have much expectations for mine, since Anders is in Spain and I’m in Denmark. However, it turned out to be on of the craziest ones so far. I was skyping with Anders and he asked me to check my email – and there was two flight tickets and hotel confirmation for a week in NEW YORK! It is the craziest gift I’ve ever received! To go to New York has been a dream of mine for so long and Anders knew – I couldn’t be more excited to go there with him. We’ll be leaving next Monday so now I’m just counting the days… Only 9 days to go!

Sara Kirstine,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to find that perfect outfit for the day. I spend most of my time in Barcelona, Spain, or Aarhus, Denmark where Valentine’s day is still not that big of a holiday but my boyfriend and I still try to celebrate. I always try to adapt my outfits to the situation, so my Valentine Outfit is more low-key but still feminine and chic.
I choose to style this beautiful silk top from Zara – It is very feminine and in my world perfect for Valentine’s Day. The open back and side-cuts makes it look very sexy but by pairing it with casual black jeans, the outfit becomes elegant and more low-key. Elegance and chicness is all about finding the right balance of sexiness. When wearing an open back, I always cover up my legs so too much skin isn’t exposed. If you ask me, a little nude skin is always sexier and more attractive than showing it all off.
I styled the outfit with gold jewellery which fits my skin tone the best. The long earrings attract focus to your neckline and face, and they create an illusion of a longer neck. I kept my outfit in feminine tones that fits with the holiday; burgundy and blushed pink. My coat and velvet shoes are both burgundy which plays so nicely with the blush silk top. Keeping the outfit in those feminine tones makes the overall look appear romantic – which Valentine’s Day is really all about, right?

I hope you’ll find inspiration in my outfit for your Valentine’s Day and that you have a great day with your loved ones. Xx,

Sara Kirstine,

Last years I got the chance to participate in Barcelona Fashion Week – It was just a fun experience and I’m so happy that I got to go (read about it here). This year I had to go back to my studies in Denmark before the fashion shows started so I didn’t get to go – Hopefully, another time.
The first week of the new university semester is now over.. It looks like it is going to be a really busy year! – both in terms of school and personal life. But I look forward to everything to come! So many great things will happen this year; my sister is having a baby, so I’ll be an auntie! Travels planned, again to Italy and Spain. And in fall I’ll move to Barcelona again to take one semester at Pompeu Fabra University. Everything is going to be so exciting.
I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Xx,

Sara Kirstine,

I can’t believe that I have already been here in Barcelona for 1 month. It passed by so fast! Now I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight –  feeling kind of sad about it but I do look forward to see my friends and family again and get back to the studies and routines.

I have lots of pictures to share with you! I wore this outfit for a brunch date with Anders. And I like it so much! You know I love mixing styles – and the classic blue blazer with a more ‘rock-chic’ statement tee and leather pants is such a great combination! I got these faux leather pants super cheap from Missguided (similar here). They have a great fit and super high waisted which I like about them, so I’d definitely consider checking that site out if you are looking for some. It’s always a good thing to have in the wardrobe. XO,

Sara Kirstine,

A cold wind has hit us here in Barcelona so you have to dress warmly now. I got this great leather coat from Zara the other day. It has the real biker-vibe to it and is super cool! It is so easy to layer when I come back to Denmark and it’s even colder, with a warm swather underneath. These days I can just survive with a blouse. It is a bit more biker-ish than what I normally wear – but it is just so nice for these days when you just want to dress cosy and warm. By the way – How do you like the black and white pictures??

I’ve gotten the first results back from my exams and it’s been good! I’m so happy and excited about the results!! I think we’ll celebrate somehow tonight, just need to figure out how. Now there is only for exam-result left so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Anyhow, now it’s time for me to get out and enjoy the city. Have a great day, love.

Sara Kirstine,
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